The 31st SISF celebrates old traditions and new connections, showcasing how music, dance and story communicate shared experiences that are ‘Beyond Words’.

Canada and Scotland have closely interwoven identities and histories, so SISF is delighted to headline ‘Canada-Scotland: Coast to Coast’ for its International Exchange, thanks to Festivals Expo support.

In this UN International Year of Indigenous Languages, First Nation and Scottish tradition bearers will share their story, dance and song inheritance, while contemporary narratives of exile, migration and cultural displacement search for mutual understanding and healing across a fractured world.

Invited guests will perform in Edinburgh, in collaboration with their Scottish compatriots, as well as tour Scotland, encouraging grassroots storytelling in the community, and pioneering the importance of storytelling to build inter-cultural bridges, which is expanded through our popular SISF Community Programme.

SISF will also have an expanded workshop and development strand, allowing opportunity for creatively exploring the values and actions of The Earth Charter at the ‘Global Lab’.

The final days of the Festival will, in accord with Celtic tradition, lead into the Feast of Samhuinn.

Perfectly positioned with Scotland’s ‘A Year of Conversation 2019’, SISF will nurture a space to express shared human values, aspirations and hope for the future.

Whether you’re a storyteller yourself, a listener, or someone who is completely new to the craft, let SISF take you Beyond Words this autumn.

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The World’s Finest Feast of Traditional Storytelling

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is one of the most admired storytelling events in the world and the largest of its kind – both from a programming and participation perspective - encompassing a wealth of cultures, traditions and styles. A world of stories within the Festival City.

‘Drift into exotic worlds as talented storytellers from all over the globe regale you with tales of derring-do.’ (Bristol Post)

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