A Day of Scottish Stories

Event Date: 24/11/2021
Start Time & Duration: 9-3pm
Location: West Linton. Scottish Borders Council West Linton Primary
Open to Public: Closed
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The storytellers will Volunteer at the school, on the day, approximately 2 hours each, to allow all ten classes the opportunity to have a live storytelling session. There will also be a short story session for the pre school children attending the ELC. There are 255 children on the school roll. We will meet our own travel costs, so the school will have nothing to pay.

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A day full of wonderful Scottish stories, including some from the rich cultural heritage of the Scottish Borders. Every child will have the chance to experience a live storytelling session, carefully planned for the class group, with rhymes or songs or art to enjoy. Expect magic, music and mystery! Stories led by Beverley Casebow and Joan Morrison