Big Scottish Story Ripple Recorded Session

Event Date: 01/11/2021
Start Time & Duration: N/A
Location: Gylemuir Primary School City of Edinburgh Council Closed event for school pupils only 1 x P1 and P2 1 x P3 – P7
Open to Public: Closed
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What is your good deed?
A litter pick within the local park and we will write to our local MSP about making more bins available

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Storytellers share their recorded tales with pupils of Gylemuir Primary School!

Due to covid restrictions we are not allowed to have gatherings over a class size of 33. In order to have this experience for a number of classes the storytellers are filming themselves. Lorna Sheilds tells a story and incorporates the teachers’ names to personalise the story for the children.

Ron Fairweather will film his session and send you via a YouTube link so that the children can watch the session as many times as they like with multiple classes able to make use.