Another Story is a new podcast series exploring some of the themes featured in this year’s Festival. Tune in to hear some wonderful storytellers share their favourite tales and chat about storytelling in Scotland and beyond.

So, settle down, or speed on up, to join us for another story…

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Another Story


Listen to the trailer and find out what this new storytelling podcast is all about!

Stories Not Often Told (Peter Chand & Ruth Kirkpatrick)

Episode 1

In our first episode of Another Story we chat with two of the world’s leading storytellers, Peter Chand and Ruth Kirkpatrick who tell us about their passion for storytelling and their upcoming joint project, Shadow Walking, a storytelling performance with live music which seeks to excavate stories which are not often told, out of the shadows and onto centre stage.

Migration and Sanctuary (Anna Conomos-Wedlock & Gauri Raje)

Epsiode 2

In this week's episode we chat with two storytellers, Anna Conomos-Wedlock and Gauri Raje, who had never actually met before, but are both doing interesting work in similar areas of storytelling, exploring stories of migration and sanctuary. Both storytellers will feature in the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2023.